Make a mountain out of a molehill

That could be your business, and should be. Your company started from a seed, an idea. If it is worthy, it should grow larger. The soil supporting that growth is your information, your business data.

However, and sorry for more analogies, think of all your hard work as the watering can. Without the soil to hold the water, it just runs off. All must work together.

Take a high level look at the information you collect. Separate operational details from Black Mole in Black Soilaccounting, payroll and anything HR. Avoid duplication of any data entry. Instead, learn to report from the applications you run. Generating weekly or monthly reports from source will provide credibility and convenience.

As for operational data, you will likely have to devise a controlled method of collection. Using spreadsheets is easy to fall into, but it should only be a stop-gap measure. Use them as a planning tool only. They will contain far too much free-form input to be useful, especially for reporting purposes.

You need a Database to grow big and strong! Ask for help as soon as possible.


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