Would you like to try a sample?

A common  question at a Costco or grocery store, but in this case I am referring to data collection so a business can take a statistical sample. To do that you need lots of data.

Brown White and Orange Round Food on Table TopOK you are cashing out at a dollar store. The clerk requests your postal code. Why? There could be a few reasons. It could be for a targeted mail piece. Unlikely. More likely, it could be for selecting a new location or to justify enlarging an existing one. Either way, they need plenty of responses. Does this data get collected into a spreadsheet? Surely not!

The store owners are professionals. So why would you put operations data into a spreadsheet? Aren’t you a professional?

You need a database, and I can show you how to transition over to this technology, in the cloud, very easily. If any of this scares or confuses you, or if you agree, let’s chat, the sooner, the better.


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