I hate this rush on garbage day!

Not to be confused with Garbage in = Garbage out.

Typically, dry waste comprises about 90% of non-recyclable material comes garbage morning. Why then is this such a stressful event? Think about it. Use LOGIC!

If staging the dry garbage into the garage is annoying but a routine then do it earlier. Hours or days won’t make a difference. It’s dry, not smelly.

But my business can grow!

OK, someone says, but the bag isn’t full. We have more time, which equals more garbage. Slow down and think! If you were to gather the dry waste regularly 12 hours earlier, what would happen? That extra 5 paper towels would go into the next bag. Remember I said regularly. The collected bag has 5 fewer towels, but the next bag will get them, and be shy the inevitable 3 chip bags next week. No loss. You are simply bringing a different bag to the curb.

Think through the issues and the data that is crucial to your success. If you can’t do both, alone, contact me! I am here to help. Your ideas can grow, but you may need help. Don’t be proud.


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