Were two birds in the bush worth it?

“My business buddy, Bob, had a team of programmers in to build the database for their company. Between them, a new server and software licenses, they spent a fortune!”

That is not what I am proposing. I am speaking to businesses that are in the spreadsheet love-affair phase, so I can use an existing data model and current operations knowledge to upgrade to a safe, simple Relational Database tool that they can use and understand. No local server is involved, no equipment or networking changes at all. However, the boss will be able to use the tool from home.

We will access services in The Cloud so everything is like using a browser, but the data is White and Black Birds Piercing on Tree Branchsomething you will recognize and, because we collaborate, you will be able to easily add/modify facilities on your own. We will share the thought process that goes along with the analysis of your existing environment so you can grow with your new data repository.

The result will be smarter, safer, automatically backed up, and have the benefit of a career database professional to get your data in shape. A specialist can ‘see’ what you may not see, and I must always think ‘down the road’ to envision what information will be of use for different purposes, like marketing, distribution, sales etc.

If your firm is in the spreadsheet love-affair phase and you intend to grow or expand your business, I can give you several reasons for doing this simple enhancement to your existing operation.

Doing this simple upgrade will save you from a potential disaster that could cost you many times more than Bob’s company spent. Moreover, Bob’s system could be very complex to operate and quite inflexible. Now that would be such a shame, wouldn’t it?


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