Google it, select the link, then right-click

A simple example of the jargon put upon the lay person in this computer era. It amuses me to no end how an entire culture has evolved in a relatively short period of time. I figure the general public can be categorized four ways when dealing with computers:

  1. The Techno-weenies and Gamers. They not only use, but may program, the adult, business, computercomputer in their day to day work, and probably do all of their own maintenance, software installations, have multiple utility programs to keep everything running smoothly, eat at their desk, and perhaps shower once the fridge goes empty.

2. The Info Junkies. For them, the computer is a tool that owes them something and using a word-processor or spreadsheet is as Google Search Engine on Macbook Protough as it gets. This group cannot be retrained, and must upgrade a computer simply because it has collected so much unruly junk.

3. The I dunno’s. Those who say they know nothing about computers and are, for the most computer, content, controlpart, correct, but are at least humble. Unfortunately, as is stated time and again, they profess to be unable to learn about them as well. This overall approach keeps them well away from doing you any favours.

4. The Innocents. Those who don’t own one, can’t use Sharpened Blue Wooden Pencilone and don’t care to. Unfortunately for them, they still pay their Sears bill at the store and can barely handle an ATM. They are, however, happy! They never got sucked in. No passwords to remember, no metal boxes in the basement that can’t be thrown out, no spam, no disconnects, no viruses, and no carpal tunnel.

Thankfully, computers are amazing. My career has revolved around them and software, so I often wonder what the world would be like without them. It was, after all, only one short lifetime ago that they didn’t exist.


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