Funny thing about a CRM

That is at least when it comes to my wish for your business. You see, I have been writing about elevating you to a Relational Database, and I bet your company already uses one and you didn’t know it… a CRM.

After-all, the acronym stands for Customer Relationship Management. In this case, it helps you relate to your customers by organizing all of their contact information. However, I would like to draw your attention to another relationship. pexels-photo-260907You first collect your primary sales contacts, but then you record that person’s secretary, or a superior or even the receptionist. You can send holiday greeting to all of them, right?

As for the address, well that may reside elsewhere… with the company identifier and perhaps for a particular division. Now you have this hierarchy clear in your mind, but can the CRM store it properly? Of course, and that’s because it is a Relational Database.

alcohol, barrel, basementSo, with that hierarchy in your head, think of how useful such a structure could be to store your inventory, or production run figures, or just about any operations data you can think of. Better in a similar tool that prompts you, than in a spreadsheet, right?

Absolutely! You see, you just have to dream up the data hierarchy that provides the most value to the operation. Then we can take it to the next step, together.

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