Take a Vape break

Many have over the last several years. action, celebration, clubPerhaps you know someone who quit cigarettes and took up vaping.

Those who do amass a large inventory of e-liquids, flavours, mixing aids and high tech vaping devices. What’s my point? Easy.

If you are a vaping enthusiast or a retail outlet, you have a perfect use for better data Free stock photo of fashion, woman, girl, blurmanagement, such as a relational database in the cloud. Ergo… Data on a Cloud.

Coincidentally, ‘cloud’ has a very real connection to vaping. If you happen to see large clouds exiting small cars driven by males, or sometime females, wearing baseball caps, they are vaping mixtures with a high vegetable glycerine component aka VG.

account, black-and-white, businessQuantities of hundreds of… anything… supplied by many vendors and having different … anything… and such, can best be handled by a relational database and not spreadsheets.

Ask me how, anytime..

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