Take a Vape break

Many have over the last several years. action, celebration, clubMy wife quit smoking cigarettes about four years ago. She started first with electronic cigarettes, but that soon faded.

Quitting cold turkey was a short lived goal. The desire to puff was still there, so although not technically a cessation aid, the industry, and her interest, grew immensely.

She, as others have before her, amassed a large inventory of e-liquids, flavours, mixing aids and high tech vaping devices.

What’s my point? Easy.

If you are a vaping enthusiast or a retail outlet, you have a perfect use for better data Free stock photo of fashion, woman, girl, blurmanagement, such as a relational database in the cloud. Ergo… Data on a Cloud.

Coincidentally, ‘cloud’ has a very real connection to vaping. If you happen to see large clouds exiting small cars driven by males, or sometime females, wearing baseball caps, they are vaping mixtures with a high vegetable glycerine component aka VG.

account, black-and-white, businessQuantities of hundreds of… anything… supplied by many vendors and having different … anything… and such, can best be handled by a relational database and not spreadsheets.

Ask me how, anytime..


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