About Me

Putting your operations Data on a Cloud is how I want to help you, the small business owner. I live in Niagara Falls, ON. I am semi-retired, and I have worked in the computer software industry for 40 years. Much of that time designing data management systems for small businesses. 

You may have lots of information tucked away in your accounting system, but chances are that most of your day to day info is stored in spreadsheets. I am here to clear that up, but it won’t be painful.

I am no techno-weenie. I won’t use big words. I’ll speak in your terms. I have operated my own successful business and now I want to give back. I have seen many firms that don’t know the first thing about data storage and retrieval. Why should they? That’s my business.

We’re going to keep things simple and structure it in such a way that you will be able to take over. All for a low hourly rate, and without the pain of servers, backup tapes, programmers and more. Get in touch with me today for a friendly chat.


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