Take a Vape break

Many have over the last several years. My wife quit smoking cigarettes about four years ago. She started first with electronic cigarettes, but that soon faded. Quitting cold turkey was a short lived goal. The desire to puff was still there, so although not technically a cessation aid, the industry, and her interest, grew immensely.... Continue Reading →


Funny thing about a CRM

That is at least when it comes to my wish for your business. You see, I have been writing about elevating you to a Relational Database, and I bet your company already uses one and you didn't know it… a CRM. After-all, the acronym stands for Customer Relationship Management. In this case, it helps you... Continue Reading →

Many to many, A Data party!

The Relational Database structure has a certain elegance about it. When performing data modelling, you do not want to run into a many to many relationship. Thankfully, in my 20 years of building databases for businesses of all types, I never ran into a relationship I couldn't tame. Most every collection of data can be... Continue Reading →

Don’t get your backup

If you came here thinking that Data on a Cloud refers to a Data Backup or Syncing service, you're not going to be happy. I love DropBox, and there are other such products, but they are not a Relational Databases. Instead, they help with highly accessible archives of your files, pictures and sound bites. Having... Continue Reading →

Think it’s time for a change?

I have mentioned it before and I really need to do it again...  using spreadsheets to house your data, even in the cloud, is no way to run a business. I have documented many ways in which your data-integrity suffers as much as your users do. I have explained, in simple terms, the ins and outs of... Continue Reading →

Learn to Walk before you can Run

There may be a concern regarding any new undertaking, especially one that is not in your primary area of expertise. Let me assure you that I understand this, having been a business owner myself, and that there are ways to structure efforts according to your appetite. Here are the steps we would tackle for any... Continue Reading →

It just isn’t a good time right now.

And it won't be because, in business, you need to have a plan. All the tough stuff has to fit somewhere. If you haven't foreseen expansion or upgrades, then my offer is the only one you can afford. Let's go with the 80-20 rule so that 20% of revenue/expenses accounts for administration i.e. You, and... Continue Reading →

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