It really is lonely at the top

Let's say you have a dozen employees, you're ┬ámaking and selling 300 widgets per week, but you want to sell 500 and open a second location. Are you ready? Aside from the logistics issues associated with expanding, you have to duplicate a few things. First, yourself. You can't be in two places at once. You... Continue Reading →


Programming your DVR is not the same

Aside from a language strictly used for semi-layperson access to most relational databases, which is called Structured Query Language (SQL), custom database systems and any systems involving a user interface, use Programming. Programming Languages come in many forms and have steep learning curves, but their common purpose is to calculate, direct computer resources, manipulate the... Continue Reading →

You should be on a Cloud, not under one.

I searched a long time for a product that could help transition the 'wandering' small-business owner from spreadsheets to Relational Databases, in The Cloud. Having worked in Information Management for decades, it was several business owners who had hit a brick wall and reached out to me. Automating their firms was vital and paid them... Continue Reading →

Large institutions are not always better

Around 2003 I was introduced to a government agency where the staff routinely used spreadsheets to store a myriad of information. Unfortunately the data was often way to wordy, used colours prolifically and would have far to many columns to be useful. Only a few people could update the files since sharing was not an... Continue Reading →

Don’t Fear The Cloud

I have spoken to many clients, especially pre-2000, who were deathly afraid of having their computers or networks attached to the Internet. "Oh no. My competitors will steal my information!" Yesterday's Internet was pretty solid and very useful. Today's Internet is something no one can do without. We use it even when we don't think... Continue Reading →

Do you backup your work?

Making a backup copy of the document that you diligently created on you computer only makes sense. If some calamity occurs, you would have to spend a significant amount of time to recreate it. In business, time is money. Backups are essential. Here's a brief evolution you should be aware of. In the sixties (1960's... Continue Reading →

What is a Database?

Essentially a database is a collection of information organized for storage, updates and easy retrieval. The information may appear to be in rows and columns but this is not to be confused with spreadsheet rows and columns. A database has many other powerful features. There are often several tables in a structured database. It is... Continue Reading →

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