Grow up to be a Big Boy

Or act like a big boy now. A bigger company. Think for a moment of some of those tech-like data exercises that big companies have but you don't. Larger companies collect information on some aspects that may seem needless, but they do it to keep employee needs and safety in mind. Have you considered a... Continue Reading →

Simple is better

It's one thing to go nose to the grindstone building a data repository, but it's another to make something that no one can understand or even maintain. One of the first steps a professional developer takes is to simplify what once appeared complex. We have an advantage here because we come from the outside. Your... Continue Reading →

We have our Ups and downs

Have you ridden a roller coaster lately? The exhilaration of the descent is amazing, but the anticipation and trepidation of the climb is not overly pleasant. This is somewhat reversed in business. As you climb to success the excitement builds, but a fall from grace can be painful. The problem is that many companies do... Continue Reading →

They are so intellectual

Let's examine two small businesses in Niagara Falls Ontario. What might distinguish one from the other? The factors we find may tell us how they compete. OK, they each have a small unit, building or storefront. Hmmm, nothing different there. How about vehicles? No, they each have a small cargo van. Big deal. Staff size?... Continue Reading →

A different perspective

Aside from training in computer science and data management, my career has given me the opportunity to witness many companies and their underlying information. This affords me the ability to consider additional data items that would prove beneficial as well as others which are simply clutter. I can orchestrate capturing data input in a way... Continue Reading →

Spreadsheets spreadmanure

Yes, I could change the title somewhat. In any case, that's one of the main problems. Whenever you are able to type words into a spreadsheet cell, you are liable to make a spelling mistake. Comment columns are especially problematic because longer text increases the chance of error. Also humans don't follow rules well. The... Continue Reading →

Take a Vape break

Many have over the last several years. Perhaps you know someone who quit cigarettes and took up vaping. Those who do amass a large inventory of e-liquids, flavours, mixing aids and high tech vaping devices. What's my point? Easy. If you are a vaping enthusiast or a retail outlet, you have a perfect use for... Continue Reading →

Funny thing about a CRM

That is at least when it comes to my wish for your business. You see, I have been writing about elevating you to a Relational Database, and I bet your company already uses one and you didn't know it… a CRM. After-all, the acronym stands for Customer Relationship Management. In this case, it helps you... Continue Reading →

Don’t get your backup

If you came here thinking that Data on a Cloud refers to a Data Backup or Syncing service, you're not going to be happy. I love DropBox, and there are other such products, but they are not a Relational Databases. Instead, they help with highly accessible archives of your files, pictures and sound bites. Having... Continue Reading →

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