If not Reactive, be Proactive

So let's say you are in denial about needing to replace your spreadsheets for your business. You want to take a pass on my free one hour assessment. That's cool, no worries. Or are there? Do some investigation for yourself. First, identify all of the spreadsheets you use in the course of a week and... Continue Reading →


They do not care

Trying to find out what treasures you might store in the cloud is far beyond the provider's scope. The providers of cloud space are huge and don't care one bit about your small business secrets. Shame on you for thinking you are so important. They provide a valuable service. Take advantage of it or perish.... Continue Reading →

But My business is Different

Not so much. It's as different from others as it is the same. You all provide products or services. You have employees, expenses, assets, loans and customers. You also have a love of what you do, or you wouldn't be doing it. That is the downside. This deep seated personal belief that the culture you... Continue Reading →

Take a Vape break

Many have over the last several years. Perhaps you know someone who quit cigarettes and took up vaping. Those who do amass a large inventory of e-liquids, flavours, mixing aids and high tech vaping devices. What's my point? Easy. If you are a vaping enthusiast or a retail outlet, you have a perfect use for... Continue Reading →

Many to many, A Data party!

The Relational Database structure has a certain elegance about it. When performing data modelling, you do not want to run into a many to many relationship. Thankfully, in my 20 years of building databases for businesses of all types, I never ran into a relationship I couldn't tame. Most every collection of data can be... Continue Reading →

Don’t get your backup

If you came here thinking that Data on a Cloud refers to a Data Backup or Syncing service, you're not going to be happy. I love DropBox, and there are other such products, but they are not a Relational Databases. Instead, they help with highly accessible archives of your files, pictures and sound bites. Having... Continue Reading →

Think it’s time for a change?

I have mentioned it before and I really need to do it again...  using spreadsheets to house your data, even in the cloud, is no way to run a business. I have documented many ways in which your data-integrity suffers as much as your users do. I have explained, in simple terms, the ins and outs of... Continue Reading →

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