Learn to Walk before you can Run

There may be a concern regarding any new undertaking, especially one that is not in your primary area of expertise. Let me assure you that I understand this, having been a business owner myself, and that there are ways to structure efforts according to your appetite. Here are the steps we would tackle for any... Continue Reading →


Logically Speaking…

Logic came from the Greek work Logos meaning 'word' and 'reason'. In the process taken by the Data Modeler to arrive at the best Schema for a Relational Database,  Logic plays a heavy role. Aside from using observation, interviews, market orientation and simulations, the Data Modeler uses problem solving via logic and deductive reasoning. A... Continue Reading →

And now for a triple threat, the RFQ.

This should be easy for a business person to remember, however, in this case it doesn’t mean Request For Quotation. Let’s say you are using a spreadsheet, and you don’t want to see all of the client list, but only those who live in Albany, NY. You invoke the Filter option. In addition, you can... Continue Reading →

You should be on a Cloud, not under one.

I searched a long time for a product that could help transition the 'wandering' small-business owner from spreadsheets to Relational Databases, in The Cloud. Having worked in Information Management for decades, it was several business owners who had hit a brick wall and reached out to me. Automating their firms was vital and paid them... Continue Reading →

Let`s Lookup something

The Lookup Table is a list of frequently used attributes that help qualify records of a more significant status. Let`s see what I mean by using lookup tables to help complete a customer record. The record will have the client name, street address, city, state or province, zip or postal code and perhaps, country. There... Continue Reading →

From Primary to Foreign

Keys that is. Hopefully you have understood how the primary key is constructed. Now you will learn about the foreign key. In the parent - child table relationship, think of the foreign key as an empty field. You will not populate it. The database system will insert the primary key value when adding a record... Continue Reading →

How about a Bit of math?

Bit was to stand out for a purpose. It means Binary digIT. You`ve likely heard the term Binary, but what is it? It simple means two states, like on versus off or more importantly like some voltage versus no voltage. In fact this is used to explain how computer circuits work... in the simplest of... Continue Reading →

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