A Bit about Computers

Many non-computer types may think that computers are mysterious, evil or incomprehensible. This is where a little bit of information can go a long way. The smallest item of data in a computer is the Binary digIT or BIT. It is handled nicely by a transistor or voltage level signifying on and off. It is... Continue Reading →


Funny thing about a CRM

That is at least when it comes to my wish for your business. You see, I have been writing about elevating you to a Relational Database, and I bet your company already uses one and you didn't know it… a CRM. After-all, the acronym stands for Customer Relationship Management. In this case, it helps you... Continue Reading →

Don’t get your backup

If you came here thinking that Data on a Cloud refers to a Data Backup or Syncing service, you're not going to be happy. I love DropBox, and there are other such products, but they are not a Relational Databases. Instead, they help with highly accessible archives of your files, pictures and sound bites. Having... Continue Reading →

Learn to Walk before you can Run

There may be a concern regarding any new undertaking, especially one that is not in your primary area of expertise. Let me assure you that I understand this, having been a business owner myself, and that there are ways to structure efforts according to your appetite. Here are the steps we would tackle for any... Continue Reading →

Logically Speaking…

Logic came from the Greek work Logos meaning 'word' and 'reason'. In the process taken by the Data Modeler to arrive at the best Schema for a Relational Database,  Logic plays a heavy role. Aside from using observation, interviews, market orientation and simulations, the Data Modeler uses problem solving via logic and deductive reasoning. A... Continue Reading →

And now for a triple threat, the RFQ.

This should be easy for a business person to remember, however, in this case it doesn’t mean Request For Quotation. Let’s say you are using a spreadsheet, and you don’t want to see all of the client list, but only those who live in Albany, NY. You invoke the Filter option. In addition, you can... Continue Reading →

You should be on a Cloud, not under one.

I searched a long time for a product that could help transition the 'wandering' small-business owner from spreadsheets to Relational Databases, in The Cloud. Having worked in Information Management for decades, it was several business owners who had hit a brick wall and reached out to me. Automating their firms was vital and paid them... Continue Reading →

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