For a Limited Time only, Upgrade to Automatic at No Charge!

Silly me. I forgot to share another important reason for using a Relational Database or other application in The Cloud. That's Upgrades or Updates. When you have licensed a software application for your desktop computer, you need to be aware of when an update is available. In most cases you will be informed or you... Continue Reading →


Google it, select the link, then right-click

A simple example of the jargon put upon the lay person in this computer era. It amuses me to no end how an entire culture has evolved in a relatively short period of time. I figure the general public can be categorized four ways when dealing with computers: The Techno-weenies and Gamers. They not only... Continue Reading →

Were two birds in the bush worth it?

"My business buddy, Bob, had a team of programmers in to build the database for their company. Between them, a new server and software licenses, they spent a fortune!" That is not what I am proposing. I am speaking to businesses that are in the spreadsheet love-affair phase, so I can use an existing data... Continue Reading →

I hate this rush on garbage day!

Not to be confused with Garbage in = Garbage out. Typically, dry waste comprises about 90% of non-recyclable material comes garbage morning. Why then is this such a stressful event? Think about it. Use LOGIC! If staging the dry garbage into the garage is annoying but a routine then do it earlier. Hours or days... Continue Reading →

This expression was common in offices around the turn of the millennium. It referred to the notion that even with a  database system running (in) your business, if the wrong data is entered, the result will be erroneous, misleading, corrupted or just plain garbage! This is where the novice gets into trouble. Even a simple,... Continue Reading →

Would you like to try a sample?

A common  question at a Costco or grocery store, but in this case I am referring to data collection so a business can take a statistical sample. To do that you need lots of data. OK you are cashing out at a dollar store. The clerk requests your postal code. Why? There could be a... Continue Reading →

Make a mountain out of a molehill

That could be your business, and should be. Your company started from a seed, an idea. If it is worthy, it should grow larger. The soil supporting that growth is your information, your business data. However, and sorry for more analogies, think of all your hard work as the watering can. Without the soil to... Continue Reading →

It really is lonely at the top

Let's say you have a dozen employees, you're  making and selling 300 widgets per week, but you want to sell 500 and open a second location. Are you ready? Aside from the logistics issues associated with expanding, you have to duplicate a few things. First, yourself. You can't be in two places at once. You... Continue Reading →

Logically Speaking…

Logic came from the Greek work Logos meaning 'word' and 'reason'. In the process taken by the Data Modeler to arrive at the best Schema for a Relational Database,  Logic plays a heavy role. Aside from using observation, interviews, market orientation and simulations, the Data Modeler uses problem solving via logic and deductive reasoning. A... Continue Reading →

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