Not a Millennial and proud of it

Millennials scare me. What will become of small business, the workforce, government services and any institution forced to accept candidates that have only served coffee or burgers? Bachelor degrees are already ill suited to our highly technical world. As education dissolves, candidates with only a high school diploma increase in number. Skilled professionals are fewer,... Continue Reading →


Grow up to be a Big Boy

Or act like a big boy now. A bigger company. Think for a moment of some of those tech-like data exercises that big companies have but you don't. Larger companies collect information on some aspects that may seem needless, but they do it to keep employee needs and safety in mind. Have you considered a... Continue Reading →

Simple is better

It's one thing to go nose to the grindstone building a data repository, but it's another to make something that no one can understand or even maintain. One of the first steps a professional developer takes is to simplify what once appeared complex. We have an advantage here because we come from the outside. Your... Continue Reading →

They do not care

Trying to find out what treasures you might store in the cloud is far beyond the provider's scope. The providers of cloud space are huge and don't care one bit about your small business secrets. Shame on you for thinking you are so important. They provide a valuable service. Take advantage of it or perish.... Continue Reading →

But My business is Different

Not so much. It's as different from others as it is the same. You all provide products or services. You have employees, expenses, assets, loans and customers. You also have a love of what you do, or you wouldn't be doing it. That is the downside. This deep seated personal belief that the culture you... Continue Reading →

We will be the Best

At this time I am working on a project, not initiated by myself, but imagined by my client. They are a commercial grower of a particular type of flower that is in high demand. Management there has a vision that they can push their extensive knowledge of growing, history, factors, techniques and controls into a... Continue Reading →

Using a Fish Eye Lens

Which would you rather be? A big fish in a small pond or a little fish in a big ocean. The average business owner might go for the big fish, but I would not. The big fish might be comfortable now but any further growth is severely limited. The pond cannot sustain its growth. Of... Continue Reading →

No Darkroom for Processing this Picture

I mentioned in an earlier post how important it is to capture data at every milestone in the process. It follows that this entails first identifying the steps that make up that process. A process is not the assembly line that makes the product. That might only be a manufacturing step. Where did the materials... Continue Reading →

We have our Ups and downs

Have you ridden a roller coaster lately? The exhilaration of the descent is amazing, but the anticipation and trepidation of the climb is not overly pleasant. This is somewhat reversed in business. As you climb to success the excitement builds, but a fall from grace can be painful. The problem is that many companies do... Continue Reading →

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